Cheeky Panty (Queens)

  • Cheeky Panty (Queens)
  • Cheeky Panty (Queens)
  • Cheeky Panty (Queens)
  • Cheeky Panty (Queens)
  • Cheeky Panty (Queens)

About The Art

Beach Days, Jungle Nights

When the sun goes down, the night gets wild

Be Bold

Be you. Be the Queen. Be Bold.

Submit & Obey

Customized spade-centric lace highlights this look featuring pink sampled from the most intimate part of our Creative Director, submit in white and obey in black.

Drawn Spades

The symbol of a movement in its most simple and strong form highlight this design hand drawn by Skylar herself.

The Spaded Bunny

Skylar’s trademark logo that has taken the world by storm, featuring a simple bunny inside the spade.

Product Details

Made from our super soft peachskin jersey in 92% polyester, 8% spandex and lined with cotton spandex for extra comfort.

  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Activeseam stitching to move with you and keep seams smooth and bulk free
  • Never-fade full color sublimation print lasts even with repeated wear and washing
  • Printed and sewn in Montreal, CAN